Industry Leading Turnaround Time
Our vast foreclosure experience translates into our having a unique insight into the strict time frames and deadlines that come with providing your client with an efficient foreclosure action. Each order placed with Wilkinson Title Agency is immediately processed and sent out to our abstractors to ensure your search is back in your hands as quickly as possible. While turnaround time can fluctuate by county, Wilkinson Title Agency assures you that no competitor will get your search back to you faster.

Judgment Sweeper
Prior to delivery of your search, our Examiner will utilize our exclusive “Judgment Sweeper” technology to omit any judgments appearing on your search that are not relative to your foreclosure action. This process is proven to be accurate and will save your firm a great deal of time and money in determining inclusion of creditors as defendants required by law.

Personal Processor
As with all of Wilkinson Title Agency’s clients, a “personal processor” will be assigned to your firm. Your friendly and knowledgeable personal processor will handle all of your files from start to finish. This continuity of knowledge regarding your proceedings allows us to provide a level of customer service that is second to none in the industry. We’re confident you will find your personal processor will help you effectuate your foreclosure actions quickly, efficiently, and smoothly.

Current Tax Search
Each foreclosure search provided by Wilkinson Title Agency contains an up-to-date tax search showing any open municipal/utility charges or liens against the subject property. Payoff figures on amounts due and updated tax searches can be obtained by your personal processor upon request at any time during and/or after your foreclosure action.

An initial bringdown, or update, is included in the cost of your foreclosure search, with additional updates available upon request.

Lis Pendens Filing
Wilkinson Title Agency offers a filing service for Lis Pendens that will expedite the process of recording your document with the county clerk. We will obtain a bringdown/update to your title search in accordance with the Lis Pendens date of recording.

Please feel free to contact us now or call us at 239-454-1600. You can also email us directly at and let us know how we can be of service to you!

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